How we work

Sudlersville Meat Locker is a USDA family owned business. We are located on Rt. 300, 204 E. Main Street, in Sudlersville, Maryland.

Our main focus is slaughtering and processing animals under USDA Inspection.

We take pride in the products that we produce. We have the best and freshest Scrapple in the Region .

You can shop our fresh meat case Wednesday through Saturday. Our Beef are raised by local farmers and our Pork is purchased at Grand View Farms,  owned and operated by the Langenfelder family.

When you visit our store you will find friendly, experienced  staff that will assist you with all your questions.  You will also find specialty items like  muskrat or rabbit or  check out our frozen vegetables, Amish butter and eggs.

-Dwayne and Dawna Nickerson, Owners Sudlersville Meat Locker

“We do it the Old Fashioned Way”

D and J Custom Cutting

Please visit our other business for expert custom deer cutting and processing.


We provide a number of services for our customers. We have a store and cut special retail orders using local meats and we slaughter and process USDA inspection for hogs, beef, lamb and goats.  Please call well in advance to make an appointment for your animals you need processed.